Tavis Bucklin is an authority marketing consultant in the Seattle area.
Tavis can help you leverage your knowledge to position you as the authority in your marketplace
  • In other words he gets you noticed. You become famous for what you do best. This is the stuff that gets more people buying your products or services.
  • Expert

    The media quotes experts every day. When you are quoted in the media it solidifies the fact that you are the top in your field. Third party endorsements have always been the best way to build trust.

  • Authority

    By showcasing your expertise through media outlets a position of authority can be developed. Taking the proper steps to position yourself can go a long way in converting your prospects.

  • Amplify

    Being quoted in articles, becoming a guest on radio shows and podcasts or making TV appearances are ways to amplify your message. These are the things people will find when they search your name, product, or service online.


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